New Effective Treatment for Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Dr. Robert Parker
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Dr. Parker is a podiatrist and surgeon in Houston, TX who has been helping patients for more than 40 years.
"Are you suffering from burning tingling and numbing in the bottom of your foot?
For years the practice of performing the old procedure for tarsal tunnel produced a 40 to 60% failure rate because only this tunnel at the laciniate ligament in the ankle was released.
Our new approach is designed to relieve pressures on the nerves in not only the tarsal tunnel which is similar to releasing the carpal tunnel in the hand, but now we know at least three more tunnels in the foot that must be addressed. This allows for normal function to return to the nerves. This is done for relieving burning, tingling and numbness and this is critical.
This has increased our success rate to 85 to 90% success rate from the old failure rate of 40 to 60%.
Now we know to release the superior calcaneal chamber containing the medial plantar nerve supplying the bottom inside of your foot and toes.
The inferior calcaneal chamber containing the lateral plantar nerve supplying the bottom outside of your foot and toes.
And the smaller medial calcaneal nerve tunnels which may be 1 or more branches supplying the inside and bottom of the your heel.
These ligaments or fibrous tunnels are carefully released to create more space which relieves the pressures at each of these nerve tunnels or  "chokepoints" allowing for the return of normal nerve function.
Post operatively we incorporate Physical rehabilitation such as neural gliding, and aqua therapy, to encourage restoration of motor and sensory nerve function. Therapeutic lasers to enhance your healing process through photobiomodulation and Nutraceuticals to provide "fuel" for your nerves to heal.
Remember the longer yours nerves are compressed, the more damage occurs to the axon or "core" of the nerve and this makes it more difficult to resolve the burning, tingling and numbing in your foot and restore normal sensation so early intervention is recommended."