Cutting Sugar: A Beginner’s Guide

You probably already know that too much sugar is bad for you, and you should probably eat less of it. But what you might not know is just how toxic it really is for your system.

Simply put, our carb-rich, heavily processed diets are making us sicker—even killing us. Diabetes, neuropathy, headaches, chronic fatigue, digestive distress, dementia, heart disease … overhauling your diet and cutting out sugar can significantly increase your odds of preventing, managing, or even outright reversing all of these conditions and more.

But even if you know all this, it’s easy to get discouraged. What can you eat? How will you ever avoid the temptation to cheat? Isn’t it just too hard to maintain a healthy diet these days?

We’re here to help.

A Beginner’s Guide to Cutting Sugar (and Preventing or Reversing Neuropathy)

In this brief yet information-packed e-booklet, you’ll learn:

  • Just why sugar is so toxic for your nerves (and your health)—and it’s not just about diabetes.
  • What foods you can eat, broken down by both primary (majority of your diet) and secondary (“sometimes”) sources.
  • What foods you shouldn’t eat under any circumstances—or at least seek to limit as much as possible.
  • Practical tips on how to read a nutrition fact label and determine what’s really important.
  • Where to find additional resources on healthy eating and meal planning.

We won’t promise it will always be easy. And if you’re willing to commit, you’ll eventually need more information and guidance than this simple document can cover.

But with this beginner’s guide, you’ll be off to a great start toward building a healthy future for yourself and your feet. And best of all, it’s totally FREE. All you need to do is sign up and we’ll email a copy directly to your inbox!

Don’t put this off any longer. The resources are free. Your future is in your hands. Download your copy of our sugar-cutting beginner’s guide today.

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