From Calluses to Neuropathy, We’ve Got Your Feet Covered

No matter what the reason for your pain, if it affects your feet, heels, ankles, or toes, we can help. We offer state-of-the-art treatment for foot and ankle pain, fungal infections, neuropathy problems, heel pain, and discomfort. Basically, if it deals with your foot, we’re here to put it right. We’re passionate about your foot health and about making sure that you feel good in your own shoes. Come step into our world and check out our practice areas to see how we can help you and your family stand tall.

Heel and Arch PainHeel and Arch Pain

Considering how your heels and arches are the two parts of your foot that absorb the most pressure, when they’re damaged the pain of walking, standing, or even flexing the foot can be too agonizing to deal with. Thankfully, we’re here not only to help alleviate that pain, but also to treat and heal the damage. Come see how we can help you take the pressure off so you can stand tall without worry.

Nerve Conditions and SurgeryNerve Conditions and Surgery

Dr. Parker is a leading extremity nerve surgeon in Houston, specially trained in Dellon techniques. Neuropathy, nerve compression, and other nerve problems in the limbs are becoming an epidemic in our world due to dietary and lifestyle changes, but new advanced treatments are finally providing hope.

Regenerative MedicineRegenerative Medicine

Your body has incredible healing power. During the normal recovery process, it rebuilds tissue the way it was meant to work, without reacting to foreign substances. Sometimes, however, your immune system doesn’t respond quickly enough to repair damage. It needs some nudging to address your pain properly. Here at Parker Foot & Ankle, we use regenerative medicine to do just that.

Regenerative medicine works to provide your body with the stimulation and materials it needs to repair damage on its own, but more quickly. It’s a growing therapy field that involves several facets of healing. Each type of therapy works to maximize your natural immune system so that it responds to your pain more quickly and effectively. The main therapies we employ are AmnioMatrix, EPAT, and RFNA.

Therapeutic LasersTherapeutic Lasers

At Parker Foot & Ankle, we use low-level laser therapy (LLLT) technology to help our patients with a wide variety of conditions, including nerve problems, heel and arch pain, ulcers, and more. Our lasers, including the MLS Laser and K-Laser, use beams of light in precise wavelengths that stimulate your body's natural biological healing processes, reducing pain and inflammation.

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There comes a time where foot pain can become so unbearable that you’re willing to do anything for a few seconds of relief. Thankfully, at Parker Foot & Ankle we will exhaust every option of care to find you the permanent relief that you so desire, even if it that relief requires surgery. Come see how our extensive experience and surgical abilities can help you, no matter what ails you.

Sports InjuriesSports Injuries

No matter what age you are, remaining active and playing sports is an ideal way to maintain a healthy weight, improve your mental awareness, and have fun. However, due to the increased pressures and stress that sports expose your feet to, it’s important to understand what to do when you’re hurt. That’s where Parker Foot and Ankle comes into play. Come see how we can help you care for your feet, prevent sports-related injuries, and help past injuries heal quickly and painlessly.

Diabetic Foot CareDiabetic Foot Care

Foot care is one of the main concerns for people living with diabetes. Due to the high risk of diabetic neuropathy, foot injuries and conditions can quickly grow out of control and could potentially worsen to the point where the foot may need to be removed. If you or a loved one has diabetes, come see how we can help ease the pain, prevent worry, and avoid amputations.

Child Foot CareChild Foot Care

As a parent, you want to protect your child from every aspect of pain, discomfort, and regret. Unfortunately, children aren’t always the best at communicating what’s wrong. Not knowing what to do when your baby screams, “It hurts!” or cries hysterically is enough to break your heart. However, when it comes to foot and ankle pain, you can protect him. Come see how our extensive knowledge and revolutionary techniques can calm your child’s anxieties, soothe his pain, and correct any problems that may cause issues as he grows. You want to protect your baby and we want to help him.

Nail and Skin CareNail and Skin Care

Your feet are susceptible to hundreds of different ailments, but do you know enough about possible skin and nail conditions? Did you know that your feet have a higher risk of contracting and harboring fungi and bacteria than any other place on your body? Come see how we can help eliminate your skin and toenail conditions so that you can let your feet be free.