Women's Feet - Painful Problems

Dr. Robert Parker
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Dr. Parker is a podiatrist and surgeon in Houston, TX who has been helping patients for more than 40 years.

Pain in Woman's FeetEvery year, thousands of women suffer from persistent foot pain. For many different conditions of the feet and ankles, women are actually far more likely than men to experience discomfort. There are a lot of factors that play into that reality, from the shoes women wear to the changes their bodies undergo throughout life. If you’re a woman dealing with uncomfortable feet, know that you are not alone. More importantly, realize that you can find relief.

Outside Influences

One of the major factors influencing women’s feet—and sometimes contributing to the pain—is footwear. Shoes and socks of all kinds impact your comfort and stability. What you wear does make a difference. The right shoes and socks help support and protect your lower limbs. The wrong ones can cause aches and uncomfortable conditions.

High Heels – You may love your cute pumps, but high heels can seriously harm your lower limbs if you aren’t careful. The elevated heel forces your body weight forward onto the ball of the foot, stressing both the midfoot and the forefoot. To wear these shoes and still maintain good foot health, you have to be picky about your types and avoid using them every day.

Stockings – Stockings and their various forms go in and out of style, but if you do wear them—especially the compression kind—keep in mind the effects they can have on your feet and ankles. Hosiery can help discourage swelling and varicose or spider veins in your lower limbs. If they are too tight, however, they can limit your circulation.

Body Changes

Various changes in women’s lives can also have a drastic effect on the lower limbs. Hormones, weight fluctuations, and the general wear and tear of time all impact the feet and the ankles:

Pregnancy – It’s common for women to complain about sore feet when they are expecting. Changes in your hormones, along with your weight gain, allow your feet to expand in size. This can encourage problems with overpronation, too, creating pain in the arch, ball of the foot, and heel. Sometimes uncomfortable edema also develops, contributing to the discomfort.

Over 65 – Your hormones change again as you age and go through menopause. This can contribute to the gradual expanding of your foot structures. Over time, the natural padding in your soles compresses down and your skin loses elasticity. Your tendons tighten and your muscles weaken. All of this together makes you more prone to injuries and discomfort in your lower limbs.

The pain from any of these issues doesn’t have to control your life, however. Different techniques and treatments exist to address your discomfort. Shoe changes, physical therapy, custom orthotics, and other remedies can restore your lower limbs to health. What works for you will depend on your unique feet and individual needs.

Women are busy—juggling careers, families, friends, and the general tasks and errands of daily life. Women’s feet must support all of this, often in the wrong footwear. It’s no wonder you end up with foot pain after a while. Fortunately, though, with a little care, you can wear your favorite shoes and take on your busy schedule without being held back by discomfort. Contact Parker Foot & Ankle for an appointment or more information today. Use our website contact form or call (281) 497-2850 to reach our Houston office.