Laser Treatment for Fungal Nails

Toenail fungus can not only be embarrassing, but also uncomfortable and incredibly stubborn. Once the fungus takes hold, it’s tough to get rid of and treatment options like topical polishes and oral medications can take all the patience and persistence you can muster, yet still not be enough. Laser treatment for fungal nails to the rescue! This high-tech approach treats toenail fungus effectively and efficiently, restoring the health of your nail, as well as your self- confidence and comfort!

Let There Be Light!

Unlike typical treatments that must rely on medication to eventually make its way through your body or through your nail to its bed, laser treatment for fungal nails uses a concentrated beam of light to easily penetrate the nail and eliminate the fungus at its source. The wavelength of light energy produces heat that pinpoints the fungus beneath the nail and destroys it without any damage to surrounding tissues, eradicating the problem with precision.

The procedure is quick (unlike other methods) and recovery is, too! It is virtually painless, takes just minutes, and has no known side effects, like some oral medications can have. Laser treatment for fungal nails can even be performed right here in our office, and results are often evident after just two sessions! The number of treatments-- and whether supplemental medications may be needed -- depends on the severity of your toenail fungus, and if it has spread to other toenails. Starting laser therapy at the first signs of trouble will ensure the fastest way to clear and healthy nails.

Spot the Signs so We Can Stop Fungus Fast

If you notice a white spot or yellowish tint to your toenail, fungus has come a-calling! Discoloration of your nail will continue, and eventually it will become brittle, crumbly, thick, and distorted. Left untreated, toenail fungus can even start to smell and cause pain as well as difficulty wearing shoes and walking. It will also spread if you’re not careful, making matters even worse. As soon as you notice any signs of toenail fungus, schedule an appointment with us! We’ll get you on a laser treatment plan that will alleviate symptoms and take your nails from unsightly and uncomfortable to clear and healthy before you know it! Don’t delay. The longer you let fungus hang around the longer it will want to stay! Let our laser help you bid farewell to stubborn toenail fungus, and help prevent it from coming back. You can help prevent it too by keeping feet, socks, and shoes clean and dry and treating them with anti-fungal powder or spray. Don’t go barefoot in public places, either!

Find out more about toenail fungus and laser treatment for fungal nails by calling our Houston, TX office at (281) 497-2850 or by using our convenient online contact form. Our helpful staff will be happy to answer your questions or set up an appointment so we can discuss the procedure in person, and get you started on the path to fungi-free, beautiful nails!