Foot Care Dos, Don’ts, and Shoulds for a Healthy life

You’re constantly relying on your feet to support you, to get you where you need to go, and to keep you from falling over. So why is it that they’re the last thing on your mind when it comes to health? You should be taking care of them on a daily basis, not just when there’s something wrong. Come see how our extensive knowledge can help you give your feet the attention and care they deserve.

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  • Expert Peroneal Tendonitis Treatment Did you know that pain behind your outer ankle bone has a name? Dr. Robert Parker discusses peroneal tendonitis and how the problem is treated.
  • Amniotic Band Syndrome Amniotic Band Syndrome is a rare congenital birth defect that can deform the feet. Learn the risks today to care for your child.
  • Treatments for Heel Pain If you have heel pain, Parker Foot & Podiatry can help you figure out what the best treatment for your pain is.
  • Sesamoiditis Irritation under he big toe and the ball of the foot could be linked to sesamoiditis. See what Dr. Parker suggests to do.
  • Plantar Fibroma A painful lump in the bottom of your foot could be a plantar fibroma, a mass of fibrous tissue. Dr. Robert Parker can relieve the pain and remove the mass.
  • Overpronation Overpronation in ankles can lead to foot pain from sprains, bunions, and gait issues if not corrected properly. Ask Dr. Parker what your options are today.
  • Osteochondromas Osteochondromas are bony growths in your feet that prohibit your movement and cause pain. Ask Dr. Robert Parker what you can do about them.
  • Hallux Varus Hallux Varus: Big Toes Out of Position
  • Freiberg's Disease: Ball of the Foot Breakdown Although rather rare, Freiberg's disease is one possible cause of pain in the ball of your foot, and left untreated can lead to significant bone collapse.
  • Foot Cancer: Catching it Early is Crucial Early detection is crucial to ensuring the best outcome if you develop skin cancer on your feet, according to Houston podiatrist Dr. Robert Parker.