Foot Care Dos, Don’ts, and Shoulds for a Healthy life

You’re constantly relying on your feet to support you, to get you where you need to go, and to keep you from falling over. So why is it that they’re the last thing on your mind when it comes to health? You should be taking care of them on a daily basis, not just when there’s something wrong. Come see how our extensive knowledge can help you give your feet the attention and care they deserve.

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  • Wound Care Foot ulcers are extremely dangers for those with diabetes. Learn how Dr. Parker helps patients prevent ulcers and provides wound care.
  • Sugar Affects Your Feet You may know sugar affects your heart and brain, but what about your feet? Let Parker Foot & Ankle of Houston, TX explain the diet to foot connection.
  • Diabetic Foot Treatment Ulcerations, infections and gangrene are common foot and ankle problems that the patient with diabetes must face. As a result, thousands of diabetic
  • Diabetes Discover how diabetes can affect your feet and what it takes to properly treat and care for them.