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Technology continues to improve with every passing day, especially in the field of medicine, and neuropathy patients have benefited greatly! New techniques in recent years have had life-changing impacts on those suffering from the numbness, burning, tingling, and pain associated with neuropathy. Dr. Robert Parker provides such cutting-edge treatments right here in Houston, and even has discovered new ways in which to improve upon them, thus improving results for patients, too!

First there was CET

Otherwise known as Combination Electro-Analgesia Therapy, CET is a treatment that combines anesthetic injections with electrical stimulation to numb damaged nerves and deliver electronic wavelengths that “re-boot” them. The injections delivered beneath the skin in the affected areas of the foot serve to block nerves that are causing neuropathic symptoms, and the electronic signals are then sent via an electro-medical wave generator that boosts the healing process and encourages regeneration. This electric wave treatment, called Neurogenx, restores nerve function while alleviating painful and uncomfortable symptoms – immediately and long-term!

Now there is LACET

Laser treatment for neuropathy also helps to reduce inflammation and minimize symptoms by delivering concentrated light beams to the areas of the foot affected by nerve damage. These low energy beams of light help to stimulate the healing process and regenerate healthy nerve cells. Dr. Robert Parker has taken a revolutionary approach to helping those with neuropathy by using these laser treatments alongside CET to achieve even better results than one or the other is capable of independently. Laser-assisted combination electro-analgesia therapy, or LACET as we like to call it (especially since it’s much easier to say!), has proven to be quite successful in not only alleviating neuropathy symptoms, but also preventing them from coming back! The majority of patients report no regression of symptoms and nerve damage no longer negatively affects their lives. This unique combination of laser, injection therapy, and electrical wave neuropathy treatments is safe and effective, and only available at Parker Foot and Ankle. Treatments usually take less than 35 minutes each, and for a typical neuropathy patient, 12 – 15 treatments are required.

If the burning, tingling, numbness, and pain of neuropathy has impacted your quality of life, call our Houston, TX office at (281) 497-2850 to find out more about LACET or any of our other neuropathy treatments and surgical procedures. We will discuss your various options, listen to your concerns, evaluate your condition, and with your lifestyle and medical history in mind, determine if you are a good candidate to start a treatment plan. You can expect extensive testing and a thorough examination to ensure that the best course of action is taken to suit your needs.

Don’t let neuropathy stop you from enjoying life! From laser therapy to Neurogenx electrical stimulation to nerve-blocking injections, or a combination of the three, we have the answers to eliminate neuropathy pain and other symptoms so you can get back on your feet for good, and back to doing the things you love!

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