Houston’s High Tech Podiatrist

Houston’s High

Tech Podiatrist

Dr. Robert Parker is “Houston’s High Tech Podiatrist.” The doctor’s passion for the foot health of his patients is only surpassed by his desire to provide the very best in medical care and knowledge.


For years, Dr. Parker has been on the front line of medical technology. With the help of scientific advancements in podiatric medicine, he has made it his mission to offer the best options in the areas of diagnosis and treatment. With special training and experience, Dr. Parker has become a specialist in the use of the Fotona Laser for the treatment of nail fungus. In fact, he was the VERY FIRST podiatrist in Houston to utilize this amazing technology. For more information on this procedure, please visit our Laser NailCenter of Houston site and listen to Dr. Parker discuss his nail fungus treatment with the “High Tech Texan”- Michael Garfield.


Dr. Parker combines his love of technology and podiatry into a specialized focuson the nerves of the feet. With the use of lasers and high-tech machinery, Dr. Parker and his team of carefully selected staff members are the authorities in the diagnosis and treatment of foot pain related to nerve decompression in the lower extremities and other nerve conditions (For more information on how lasers relieve nerve pain, visit our Nerve Pain site- Coming soon).

Dr. Robert Parker using our Laser Nail Treatment Machine


Dr. Parker uses his knowledge to treat and educate his patients. This website has a vast amount of resources for your convenience, with pages on specific conditions and treatments and links to our social media accounts, blogs, and videos.

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Further, as the president of the Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons, Dr. Parker helps to teach and inspire others in learning about advanced, new surgeries. New state-of-the-art facilities are providing hands-on experience for surgeons right here in Houston!

At Parker Foot & Ankle, we take pride in helping our patients in a friendly, caring environment. We offer the most high-tech foot care, so that you receive the best possible results. To schedule a consultation regarding your foot pain, the choice is easy. Call Parker Foot & Ankle today at (281) 497- 2850, or conveniently request an appointment online.

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