Z-Bunion for Moderate Bunions






I can remember in years past, conventional surgery for the moderate to severe bunion meant an average hospital stay of up to five days, a below the knee cast, the inability to wear shoes until six to eight weeks after surgery and up to a year before activity could return to normal.

An advanced procedure called high compression fixation technique with Z-bunionectomy has changed all that. If you have been examined and fund to qualify for this procedure, it is now possible for patients to start limited range of motion exercises and return to work within five to ten days, if only one foot has been operated on, and they have a sedentary job. If you are on your feet all day or if you work hard labor such as construction, or the likes, you must take off from work the appropriate full six weeks. This procedure is good but it is not magic.

The interlocking Z-bunionectomy was pioneered in Chicago and used high compression screws, to hold the bones of the foot together following surgery, eliminating the need for six weeks in a leg cast, in most cases, and hastening the rehabilitation process. 

The compression screws combined with the interlocking Z procedure, hold the bone so tightly that there is usually no need for a cast and allows the patient to begin guarded weight on their foot within three days after surgery. 

Without the cast, patients experience less calf-muscle atrophy, can start rehabilitation sooner, and are able to wear a running shoe within two to three weeks and normal shoes within six to eight weeks.

Dr. Robert G. Parker

Before Surgery

Z- Bunion Before Surgery

Offset Z-Bunionectomy

Offset Z-Bunionectomy

After Surgery

Z- Bunion After Surgery

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