Foot Surgery Options

For the Foot Relief You Need

And the Care You Deserve

Foot Surgery


For the Foot

Relief You Need

and the Care

You Deserve

Although surgery is usually the last resort when it comes to any type of ailment or injury, sometimes it is indeed the best choice. Debilitating foot problems especially benefit from surgical treatments, as they can quickly relieve pain and discomfort that would otherwise affect your entire body.

Your feet are basically the support system that your body relies on for stability and movement. When that stability is threatened as a result of an illness, infection, or injury, your entire body will begin to feel the effects. Flat feet can cause lower back and leg pain, plantar fasciitis can damage your knees and hips, and overall pain can cause depression and anxiety (just to mention a few common conditions). In some cases, abnormalities or injuries can even cause deformities in the foot, causing it to lose proper function. In these situations, surgery can be the best option not only to find relief but to permanently fix the underlying condition.

Surgical Relief: Resolving Your Condition with the Proper Procedure

When it comes to foot ailments, every case is unique and requires a thorough diagnosis in order to assess if surgery is needed. Being told that you may have to undergo a surgical procedure may sound scary at first. However, after 44 years of treating painful conditions, 13 of which have been dedicated to mastering all types of surgical procedures, we’ve learned that relief far outweighs fear. We’ve also learned that with the proper procedure, we can help you kick your pain, discomfort, and embarrassment to the curb.

In order to ensure that none of our patients are denied the comfort they rightfully deserve, we provide a variety of surgical options that encompass forefoot, midfoot, hindfoot, and ankle conditions.

Forefoot: The Toe Area

Midfoot – Ball of Foot and Arch

Hindfoot – Heel Area


  • Fixing Achilles tendon ruptures and tears
  • Relieving pressure of arthritis and joint deterioration
  • Resetting dislocations
  • Removing and correcting Haglund’s deformity and bone formations
  • Decompressing tight tendons (from the ankle through the foot as well as from the ankle to the calf)

The Care You Deserve from Diagnosis to Recovery

One of the scariest things about surgery is the uncertainty. Will everything be okay? Will it work? What happens if there’s a problem? Does the surgeon know what he’s doing?

However, with Parker Foot & Ankle, your worries are our top priority. This is why we’ve spent over a decade honing our skills and listening to our patients in order to give you the care you deserve. We’re not only dedicated to alleviating your pain, but also giving you an experience that lives up to your highest expectations. We accomplish this by guaranteeing that:

  • Dr. Robert Parker will personally examine and diagnose the problem in order to make sure surgery is necessary.
  • We’ll take the time to educate you about the procedure and answer any and all questions you may have.
  • Our staff will work together to make sure your transition between treatments (diagnosis, surgery schedules, pain management, recovery care, etc.) is as smooth and uncomplicated as possible.
  • We’ll provide comprehensive advice and suggestions for post-surgery care (icing techniques, elevation, pain management, etc.)

Contact us today at 855-465-2577 to set up an appointment and see if your feet can benefit from surgery. Remember, you depend on your feet, but your feet depend on you to care for them. Call today and take the first step toward recovery.

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