Alleviating the Pain and

Discomfort of Fallen Arches

Alleviating the

Pain and

Discomfort of

Fallen Arches

One of the most important parts of your foot is the arch. The arch allows your foot to freely flex up and down, while also bearing the force of your weight. Every foot has three distinct arches that work together to absorb impact and provide stability—the medial longitudinal arch, the lateral longitudinal arch, and the transverse arch.

  • Medial Longitudinal. Located toward the inside of the foot and running from heel to toe, this is the most prominent arch. Its purpose is to absorb and disperse the majority of impact shock when walking, running and jumping.
  • Lateral Longitudinal. Located toward the outer area of the foot, the lateral longitudinal arch runs parallel to the medial arch. Its purpose is to provide stability and shock absorption. It is extremely prominent in those with high arches.
  • Transverse. Located across the mid-foot, the transverse arch runs perpendicular to the longitudinal arches and provides support and flexibility for the foot overall.

However, if one or all of these arches are damaged, become fatigued, or overworked, they can begin to flatten, lessening their abilities to absorb impact forces, provide flexibility, or keep the foot (and the person) stable. When this occurs, it is a condition known as “flat feet” or “fallen arches.”

Rounding Out the Problem of Flat Feet

The curve of your arches is maintained by the bones in your feet as well as muscle bands and tendons that run from your toes to your heels. When these supports are damaged, your arch can begin to collapse, causing serious and painful issues such as:

  • Foot fatigue and burning: your feet tire easily and feel hot after walking short distances
  • Painful or achy feet, especially in the areas of the arches and heels
  • Swelling in the arches and bottoms of your feet
  • Difficulty moving your feet and flexing your toes
  • Excruciating back and leg pain

However, at Parker Foot & Ankle, we believe that no one should have to walk through life with this degree of discomfort. That is why we have spent our careers helping people like you relieve the pain of fallen arches.

Even though there are several different causes for flat feet, our podiatry team has the depth of experience necessary to your symptoms. Some conditions we treat result from:

  • An abnormality that is present from birth
  • Stretched or torn tendons
  • Damage or inflammation of the posterior tibial tendon, which connects your lower leg muscles to the ankle to the middle of the arch
  • Broken or dislocated bones
  • General health conditions, such as arthritis or diabetes
  • Nerve problems
  • Obesity. The more weight you put on your arches, the more likely they are to flatten
  • Pregnancy
  • Age. The longer you walk on your arches, the more likely they are to stretch and flatten.

Lifting Your Spirits and Your Arches

When it comes to excruciating pain, we don’t feel that you should have to settle for mediocre care. This is why we provide state-of-the-art treatment options to specifically cater to your needs. With over 44 years’ worth of experience and continuing education, we not only have the experience but also the knowledge your feet need to feel healthy and happy. Our treatments include:

  • Diagnostic services
  • Regenerative medicine and techniques, including non-steroidal and anti-inflammatory medications
  • Pain management
  • Physical therapy
  • Lifestyle change advice and care
  • Non-invasive procedures
  • Supportive taping and bracing
  • Surgical options to repair torn tendons or ligaments
  • Comprehensive advice and suggestions for overall foot care

Don’t live with the pain any longer. If your arches are giving you problems or causing you pain, allow us to lift your spirits and put the flex back in your step. Contact us today at 855-465-2577 to set up an appointment, or fill out our contact form on this page to get the care and treatment your feet deserve.

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