From Calluses to Neuropathy,

We’ve Got Your Feet Covered

From Calluses

to Neuropathy,

We’ve Got Your

Feet Covered

Welcome to the office of Houston’s high-tech podiatrist. If you’re experiencing any kind of pain, discomfort, or disability with your feet or ankles, we’re here to help you make it right.

From MLS laser therapy and regenerative medicine to sophisticated orthotics, extremity nerve surgery, reconstructive surgery and more, we pride ourselves on offering the absolute highest standards of service and care.

On this page, you can learn more about many of the conditions we treat and services we offer. Click into any page for even more detail.

Heel and Arch Pain

Heel pain is the single most common symptom we see at our office. But that doesn’t mean heel pain is normal—and unfortunately, it doesn’t mean that it’s always diagnosed or treated correctly at other offices.

When you come to our office, we’ll take as much time as necessary to properly identify the location and severity of the injury, as well as the root causes. Then, we’ll tailor a treatment plant to best suit your needs—whether it includes an advanced option like orthotics or laser therapy, or just a more comfortable pair of shoes.

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Nerve Conditions and Surgery

Peripheral nerve conditions, such as neuropathy, nerve compression, and foot drop, are among the most common yet least understood foot problems—and they are becoming even more of an epidemic in our world, as unintentional consequences of changes to our diets and lifestyles.

Fortunately, Dr. Parker is one of Houston’s leading peripheral nerve experts. He’s a founding member, faculty instructor and past president of the Association for Extremity Nerve Surgeons, and one of fewer than 600 surgeons nationwide trained in Johns Hopkins’ Dellon nerve decompression techniques for peripheral neuropathy. He has also dedicated much of his career to furthering peripheral nerve research and developing new breakthrough programs to combat these devastating conditions.

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Regenerative Medicine

Your body possesses incredible healing potential. But unfortunately, sometimes chronic inflammation, repetitive strain, suppressed immune response, or other factors can slow or even halt the process of tissue repair and regeneration—leading to chronic pain.

Regenerative medicine is a revolutionary, emerging new field of medicine that employs various techniques to stimulate and accelerate the natural healing process and help you get better, faster. Many times this allows us to provide relief when no other treatments have worked, in virtually all conditions mentioned in this article, getting workers and athletes on their feet faster, or even prevent surgery.

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Therapeutic Lasers

Therapeutic lasers are a type of regenerative therapy that harnesses light energy at specific, precise wavelengths to stimulate cellular activity and repair, bringing rapid relief form pain and accelerated healing from injury.

At Parker Foot & Ankle, we use level IV laser therapy to help our patients overcome an extremely wide variety of painful conditions, including heel and arch pain, foot ulcers, neuropathic pain, and much more.

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As a practice that specializes in advanced conservative treatments such as laser therapy and growth factor injections, we pride ourselves on being able to help our patients avoid surgery as often as possible. However, some conditions cannot be solved any other way.

While we see surgery as a last resort, you can be thankful that Dr. Parker is also well trained in a comprehensive variety of advanced surgical techniques, including reconstructive surgery for foot and ankle deformities, as well as Dellon Institute extremity nerve decompression.

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Sports Injuries

Whether you’re a youth athlete, weekend warrior, or full-time professional, physical activity is an important component of a healthy and happy lifestyle. Unfortunately, playing sports is not without risk—and the feet and ankles are especially vulnerable due to the amount of force they must sustain over the course of a game or training session.

At Parker Foot & Ankle, we treat a comprehensive range of both common and uncommon sports-related injuries, from sudden traumas to chronic aches and soreness. We even can employ regenerative medicine and laser therapy techniques to help you reduce your overall recovery time and retain more of your strength and stability for a quicker return to play.

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Diabetic Foot Care

About 1 in 10 Americans now has diabetes—diagnosed or not—and that number is only growing. If you are among them, it is imperative that you understand your feet are extremely vulnerable. Due to the combination of diabetes, poor circulation, and neuropathy, foot injuries can quickly spiral out of control. Ultimately, they could potentially worsen to the point where your feet become severely wounded or deformed, and ultimately need to be amputated.

It is extremely important that you examine your feet carefully every day, and schedule a checkup with our office at least once a year. We provide advanced care options that can help you prevent and treat the worst diabetic foot complications, and put your mind at ease.

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Child Foot Care

As a parent, you want to protect your child from every aspect of pain, discomfort, and regret. Unfortunately, children aren’t always the best at communicating what’s wrong. Not knowing what to do when your baby screams, “It hurts!” or cries hysterically is enough to break your heart. However, when it comes to foot and ankle pain, you can protect him. Come see how our extensive knowledge and revolutionary techniques can calm your child’s anxieties, soothe his pain, and correct any problems that may cause issues as he grows. You want to protect your baby and we want to help him.

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Nail and Skin Care

At minimum, nail and skin problems can lead to embarrassment, poor self-confidence, and unwillingness to wear open-toed shoes (even in sunny Houston). But some can even cause pain, or even open the door to dangerous infections.

Dr. Parker had the first groundbreaking laser for the successful treatment of unsightly fungal infected nails.

Whether you’re suffering from a painful ingrown toenail or an embarrassing fungal skin infection, bring your feet and toes in to see Dr. Robert Parker. We will help you eliminate these unsightly problems and restore the health and appearance of your feet.

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