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Although we tend not to think of them often, the human body has some electrical nature to it. Our nerves send tiny electrical impulses through our system to transmit signals of sensation and pain. When nerve fibers become damaged, these signals are impeded and can result in pain, tingling, or even no sensation at all. This condition, known as peripheral neuropathy, can commonly be found in the feet. However, Neurogenx electrical treatment has the potential to help damaged nerves heal.

The Effects of Peripheral Neuropathy

The nerves of the feet are particularly vulnerable to damage due to their distance away from the heart. The heart pumps cell-sustaining blood throughout the body, and it takes power for it to reach the feet quickly and effectively. If poor circulation develops through diabetes or other conditions, the flow of blood to the feet is reduced. Without proper oxygen and nourishment, the nerve cells of the feet begin to weaken and become damaged.

The effects of peripheral neuropathy can be felt in several different ways. There may be sharp, fiery, or shooting pains in the feet (that can keep you up at night). They might also feel tingly, cold, or numb. The reduction in sensation might also interfere with your sense of balance.

Restoring the Signal

When used as a treatment for neuropathy and other neurological issues, Neruogenx has helped relieve pain and other symptoms in many patients. The technology behind this treatment safely delivers high-frequency electronic waves to affected areas. Effects can include reduced swelling and an increase in metabolism at the cellular level. What this means for nerves is a boost that can help accelerate the healing process.

Neurogenx treatments are transmitted through adhesive electrodes placed upon the skin accordingly. The device is capable of delivering a wide range of electronic frequencies, increasing the reach to the cells. A course of treatment usually spans 4-6 weeks, with improvements starting to be noticed after three or four treatments.

Although Neurogenx has seen positive results in up to 87% of patients in various studies. These patients have included both men and women, as well as those who have suffered from neuropathy for 20-30 years.

However, as with many forms of treatment, Neurogenx may not work on everyone, nor is it advisable for all patients to receive it. The severity of one’s nerve damage, as well as factors such as age and family history, will play roles in the ultimate effectiveness of any treatment. Other treatments, including diabetes management and regenerative therapies, might be recommended instead of or in addition to electrical therapy.

Finding Treatment for Your Neuropathy Symptoms

Do not let pain, tingling, or numbness in your feet slide. When left unaddressed, these symptoms can have a negative impact on your quality of life at best, and at worse develop into much more serious problems. The earlier the source of the problem can be identified and treated, the better!

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