Why does nail fungus come back?

Depending on how you treat your infection, it is unfortunately common to find nail fungus returning. You may not have completely eradicated the microscopic fungi, and the remaining invaders re-infect the nail. The condition is also highly contagious, so it is possible for it to spread to your skin, shoes, and other nails as well, and your toes continue to be re-exposed to the culprit. To completely eliminate the problem, you need to destroy the fungus at the source and treat the areas it spreads to as well.

The Laser Nail Center of Houston, part of our practice at Parker Foot & Ankle, can help you eradicate the fungus fast with laser therapy, as well as give you tools to disinfect your shoes and home surfaces. Contact our office in Houston for an appointment or more information. Fill out the online contact form or call (281) 497-2850 to reach us.

Dr. Robert Parker
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