Why are my feet tingling?

You develop tingling feet when nerves are impaired. Nerves are sensitive tissues. Getting pinched, compressed, or otherwise trapped can injure them and create an uncomfortable tingling. Other issues can also damage nerves and have a similarly painful effect—like diabetic neuropathy, poor circulation, systemic or autoimmune diseases, and even strokes.

Damage and pain from nerves that are pinched or compressed can be mild and temporary. Crossing your legs for too long, as well as sitting or lying in an odd position, can compress nerves in your limbs and lead to tingling or pins-and-needles sensations in your feet. Decompressing the nervous tissue can then get your lower limbs back to normal. The longer your nerves are impaired, however, the more the uncomfortable sensation worsens, or even becomes permanent. That’s why taking care of nerve pain right away is so important.

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Dr. Robert Parker
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Dr. Parker is a podiatrist and surgeon in Houston, TX who has been helping patients for more than 40 years.