What is the best stress fracture treatment?

Stress fractures are relatively common injuries and often develop from overuse, typically in high-impact sports. These injuries are most likely to happen to the weight-bearing bones found in your feet and lower legs. There are a variety of stress fracture treatment options, but the best is to simply take time away from the activity that caused the condition.

A stress fracture is a tiny crack in your bone that will heal on its own in roughly 6 to 8 weeks if further stress is not placed upon the area. If you are an avid runner with a stress fracture and want to maintain your physical conditioning, swimming and bicycling provide low-impact options that may work.

Before you alter your workout plans, consult with Dr. Robert Parker. While resting is the best treatment, we may want to prescribe the use of protective footwear or a cast to ensure proper healing. If the stress fracture is bad enough, surgery might be required.

When stress fractures happen, be sure to call Parker Foot & Ankle at (281) 497-2850 and schedule your appointment with our Houston office. We will make sure that you heal correctly and can return to enjoying your normal activities.

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