What Does it Mean When my Child is Pigeon Toed?

When your child is pigeon toed, he or she has a gait abnormality that is also called intoeing. The toes point inward instead of straight ahead when your child stands or walks. This occurs because of the shape of the feet, a natural twist in the shin bone, or a rotation at the thigh. Your baby’s position in the womb can affect this. Typically, being pigeon toed doesn’t cause any difficulty for your child, but occasionally it is more awkward for your little one to walk normally.

The condition needs to be evaluated and monitored as your little one grows, to make sure it isn’t connected to a neuromuscular condition, but usually intoeing resolves on its own as your child grows. However, if the problem is severe, it may need to be addressed. If you’re concerned about your child’s walking, contact Parker Foot & Ankle in Houston for an appointment. Call (281) 497-2850 or use our online request page to reach our office.

Dr. Robert Parker
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