What conditions can be treated with RFNA?

Nerve ablationRadio frequency nerve ablation (RFNA) is one way we can treat nerve and joint pain in your feet. It uses the electrical current from radio waves to heat small areas of tissue—like damaged or scarred nerves—which reduces their ability to send pain signals to the brain.

It has been used in arthritic joints to reduce pain from degeneration in the cartilage or joint linings. It has also been used to treat chronic plantar fasciitis or neuromas that do not respond to conservative measures.

The current is applied through insulated probes that are directed specifically to your painful nerve, using ultrasound imaging and a nerve stimulator to guide the placement. The procedure isn’t for everyone, especially if you have bleeding problems or current infections. Although it is minimally invasive, some type of anesthetic and or sedation will be used to reduce your discomfort during the procedure.

If you have chronic foot pain that conservative treatments haven’t alleviated, and don’t like the idea of a full surgical procedure to correct or remove them, RFNA may be a less invasive alternative that can help. Call Parker Foot & Ankle in Houston at (281) 497-2850 for an appointment to discuss this possibility.

Dr. Robert Parker
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