What can AmnioFix (Stem Cell Magnet) treat?

AmnioFix is a product processed from the lining of the placenta (amnionic/chorionic layers) that we like to call “stem cell magnets” because they can help to signal or recruit your own stem cells to help in the healing a variety of tissues such as tendons and ligaments and muscle. (This process does not harm mothers or children in any way.)

The most common condition we see that is excellent candidate for the amniotic chorionic allograft are our patients with long-standing chronic and recalcitrant heel pain and are on the verge of having a surgical procedure such as releasing the plantar fascia or resection of heel spurs. With the use of our “stem cell magnet," therapeutic lasers and acoustics wave treatments, we are having a high rate of success without the classical surgeries. These procedures may be performed in our office setting, without the expensive hospital.

Another common condition that we treat with the amniotic chorionic allograft is the chronic Achilles tendinitis where there is a swollen area in the Achilles tendon, about an inch above the heel bone. These chronic conditions may lead to ruptures if not treated.

Rather than perform open surgery for these conditions, Dr. Parker uses a percutaneous incision, (meaning small punctures through the skin without big incisions) to create an area within the dormant, non-healing portion of the tendon. This allows a "kickstart" for healing utilizing a radio frequency instrument that puts laser-like tiny holes in the tendon along with instilling the “stem cell magnet” growth factors to trigger your own healing processes.

 In sheet form, it can be applied to open sores and wounds that are not healing.

Since Dr. Parker is a peripheral nerve surgeon, he will often use this allograft in wrap form, encasing repaired nerve tissue during nerve surgery. This helps provides structure to the damaged nerve and helps existing nerve cells heal faster.

We may use these treatments in conjunction with laser therapy to further speed up your natural healing processes by stimulating cell activity.

To find out more about whether amniotic allograft treatment could help you, contact Dr. Robert Parker at Parker Foot & Ankle in Houston, TX. You can reach us by phone at (281) 497-2850 or request an appointment using our contact form.

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