What causes bunions?

Causes of bunionsIf you have a bunion, you most likely inherited a foot structure that makes you prone to developing the problem. Before you place the blame of your foot problems on your parents, though, you should also consider other causes of bunions, like the way in which you walk for instance. Abnormal biomechanics can put your feet at risk as well. Flat feet especially tend to overpronate (roll too far inward with each step) which can place excessive pressure around the base of the big toe. You don’t have to accept your fate, however. Orthotics can help correct biomechanical issues as well as provide support for a faulty foot structure. Your choice of footwear can make a difference, too. Although high heels and shoes that are too tight have often been associated with the condition, they don’t actually cause bunions, but rather make them worse by squishing toes out of position as well as put pressure on the joint. Save those narrow, pointy-toed pumps for special occasions only and instead choose shoes with low heels and a wide and deep toe box for plenty of wiggle room. That way you’ll be less likely to carry on the family tradition!

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