What are the first signs of toenail fungus?

The first signs of toenail fungus are usually color and texture changes in the hard nail tissue. The affected toenail becomes dull and loses its healthy shine. It may appear to turn yellow or gray, though sometimes it can get darker as debris builds up underneath the nail. It becomes thickened, brittle, and distorted. As the problem progresses, the ends may become ragged and crumbly as well.

Many people mistake the beginnings of fungal toenails for a simple cosmetic issue and try to cover up the changes. Some hide their feet behind thick socks and shoes or use nail polish to disguise the color. Unfortunately, these strategies can exacerbate the conditions that caused the infection and make the problem worse. If you are a diabetic, it can be very serious with respect to the consequences of nail fungus causing an infection. The facts are that that of the approximately 90,000 amputations in diabetics, 11,500 are from complications of fungus nails. If you notice any sort of odd changes in your toenails, don’t wait to have them checked—contact Parker Foot & Ankle here in Houston TX for an appointment. Call (281) 497-2850 or use our website contact form to reach us.

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