Is surgery required for a broken heel?

HeelSurgery for a broken heel may or may not be required based on the type of fracture it is:

  • Stress fractures of the heel can occur with repetitive trauma during activity. These hairline cracks often heal fine with RICE therapy, immobilization if needed, and staying off your foot. Be sure you follow our instructions about resuming weight-bearing.
  • A calcaneus fracture in which the bone is not displaced (fragments moved out of position) can also heal with conservative treatment. Immobilization will likely be necessary, as well as the use of crutches or knee walkers to keep all weight off your foot.
  • When the bone is collapsed or crushed out of its normal outline, surgery will almost certainly be needed if you want a good outcome. We can realign the fragments and hold them in the correct position with plates or pins. A lengthy recovery period will follow as the bone knits and physical therapy helps you regain proper function in your foot.

Heel fractures are serious injuries that need prompt, expert medical care. Call Dr. Robert Parker at Parker Foot & Ankle in Houston, TX for diagnosis and the appropriate treatment. You can also request your appointment online.

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