How Severe are Flat Feet for my Child?

If you’ve noticed that your child has flat arches, you may be wondering how severe are flat feet, and should you be concerned? Low or nonexistent arches are very common for babies and young children. Usually the arches form and start to solidify by about age 6. Only a handful of children have flat feet that last into adulthood. Most of the time, having flat feet won’t hurt your child. You should still have the condition evaluated, however—especially if your little one complains of pain. Sometimes issues like tight Achilles tendons can flatten feet and cause other problems.

If you’re concerned about your child’s feet, don’t wait to have them investigated. Children’s lower limbs are very flexible and grow rapidly. Treating potential problems before the bones set and become fully grown can help prevent issues later in life. Contact Parker Foot & Ankle here in Houston for an appointment by calling (281) 497-2850 or using our online contact form.

Dr. Robert Parker
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Dr. Parker is a podiatrist and surgeon in Houston, TX who has been helping patients for more than 40 years.