How long is the recovery from bunion surgery?

Your recovery from bunion surgery depends on how severe your condition is and how in-depth your procedure has to be. Complicated treatment involves a longer healing period. A complete recovery generally takes between five and six months, but you can usually return to your activities well before then. You’ll need to avoid weight-bearing on the affected foot for a couple weeks following your procedure. Then you can slowly begin walking while wearing a brace or special boot. After about six weeks, you can usually begin to participate in activities again—if you are careful. You may be able to wear normal shoes as well, though swelling throughout the day may still make this uncomfortable. After several months of progressive healing, you’ll finish your follow-up appointments.

Don’t let the recovery from bunion surgery keep you from getting the help you need to relieve your pain. Waiting too long allows the problem to get worse and can increase the healing time. Contact Parker Foot & Ankle in Houston for more information or an appointment by calling (281) 497-2850 or using our website contact form.

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