How does laser therapy reduce swelling?

Laser therapy can reduce swellingPut simply, low level laser therapy (LLLT) or “cold laser” treatments help your circulatory and lymphatic system function better. Wavelengths of light in the 800 nanometer range increase activity at the cellular level, and when cells can repair themselves and grow more effectively, they do their jobs better.

Swelling happens in response to an injury or infection, when your body rushes more fluid, nutrients, and white blood cells to the damaged area. It does this to promote healing and fight off invading bacteria or disease. However, if your blood vessels and system of lymph glands are less than healthy, that fluid can build up, causing puffiness, pressure and pain.

By increasing cell action, LLLT helps tiny capillaries and lymphatic tissues in your feet and ankles become more permeable. This helps them absorb excess fluid and carry it out of your body more efficiently. The net result is less swelling for you, and therefore less pain. Wounds and tissues heal more quickly, and you are back on your feet again sooner.

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