How do I Know if I have a Neuroma?

Neuroma signs vary, but you tend to notice the problems in your feet when you stand. You may feel like you’re standing on a pebble. Frequently, you experience a burning pain in the affected area that radiates to other parts of the foot. You may develop numb patches or tingling as well, especially in your toes. The most common benign nerve tumor in the lower limbs is a Morton’s neuroma, which is in between the third and fourth metatarsal heads. All of the symptoms of this problem manifest in the ball of the foot or in the digits.

Nerve damage can be permanent if not addressed quickly enough. Don’t wait to have foot pain examined. If you’re concerned you may have a neuroma somewhere in your lower limbs, have it evaluated. Dr. Robert Parker can diagnose the condition and help you begin targeted treatment to relieve your pain. Contact Parker Foot & Ankle in Houston, TX, by calling (281) 497-2850 for more information or make an appointment by filling out our online contact page.

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