How do I choose the right walking shoes?

Choosing walking shoes is like selecting any other kind of athletic footwear: look for models that are specifically designed to handle the strain of your activity and choose a pair that fits comfortably. Different styles are built to handle different terrains and mileage. The mechanics of walking are not the same as running or other sports, either, so simply grabbing a pair of jogging shoes may not be your best bet.

Look for models with cushioned soles and supported arches that match your biomechanical needs. Select kinds made with canvas, mesh, or other natural and breathable materials. An Achilles notch in the heel counter will reduce the strain on the tendon. The sole should have solid tread to help your traction. Make sure you have plenty of room to wiggle your toes in the toe box as well. If you walk casually for exercise, then general walking models, crossovers, and light running shoes may be all you need. Race walking, long-distance, and hiking will need sturdier styles. If you’d like help finding and fitting the best shoes for your feet, contact us at Parker Foot & Ankle in Houston, Texas. You can call (281) 497-2850 or use the website to reach us.

Dr. Robert Parker
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