How can I avoid foot injuries during aerobics?

Accidents that cause foot pain can happen any time you’re active—doing aerobics, for instance. There are ways to avoid foot injuries, though. Wear the right shoes whenever you work out. Make sure they have supportive, cushioned soles and fit your feet correctly. Always use the proper technique so you’re less likely to strain your feet and ankles. If you’re doing step aerobics, don’t use a bench or step that is too tall for your legs.

Condition your lower limbs to handle the stress of your routine, too. Some simple exercises build up your toe, foot, and ankle strength, making them more stable. Calf raises, toe spreads, balancing exercises, and foot taps work the tissues that keep your feet strong and help prevent overuse injuries. Stretches, like the wall stretch and the plantar stretch, help prevent tissues from tightening too much and causing problems. If you develop foot pain during your work out, stop and take care of it. Dr. Robert Parker can help you prevent and manage any foot injuries. Just call our Houston, TX office at (281) 497-2850 or use the web contact form to reach us.

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