Does laser treatment for fungal toenails hurt?

Fungal toenailNo messy cream or polish to apply every day. No pills to take for weeks that could damage your liver or interfere with other medications. Laser treatment for fungal toenails is simple, typically takes about a half hour, requires no anesthesia, and is very effective at helping you get rid of the infection in your nails.

It uses intense light waves exactly calibrated so that the cells of the fungus heat up and vaporize until they are destroyed, but the tissue around them is not affected. Most patients do not feel pain, although the nail may feel very warm during treatment. There is a refrigerated tube that you can control to direct cool air onto the area being treated if you feel the need.

With our advanced Fotona laser, one to three treatments may be all you need to get rid of the fungus. Then you just wait until the new, healthy nail grows out. In difficult cases, you will need to follow a maintenance routine to keep the fungus from coming back. Want to learn more? Call Parker Foot & Ankle at (281) 497-2850 today for your free consultation!

Dr. Robert Parker
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