Can Morton’s Neuroma be Prevented?

Preventing a Morton's NeuromaAlthough no one is completely sure what causes this nerve damage to occur, certain measures can help you prevent Morton’s neuroma. The swelling and thickening of the nerve tissue is related to chronic stress and irritation near the affected toes. Avoiding footwear that forces extra weight onto the balls of the feet or pinches the toes can help. Make sure you have sufficient padding under the ball of the foot as well. Any preexisting conditions that may alter your gait or stress your forefoot should also be treated.

If you’re concerned that you may be developing a Morton’s neuroma, or have any other signs of nerve damage in your lower limbs, don’t ignore the pain or you could incur permanent damage. Contact Parker Foot & Ankle in Houston for an appointment or more information for help treating or preventing this condition. Visit the online contact page or call (281) 497-2850 to reach the office.

Dr. Robert Parker
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