Are there advanced treatments for neuropathy?

Nerve cellTreatments for neuropathy have come a long way! We are now able to not only alleviate symptoms like burning, pain, tingling, and numbness, but we can actually restore function of damaged nerves as well, allowing you to return to a lifestyle free of neuropathy pain. 

Through a unique combination of high-tech methods, we can numb or block nerves, then send those nerves electronic signals that boost the healing process as well as new cell development. Laser therapy is sometimes added to the mix, using a concentrated beam of light directed at the affected area to reduce inflammation and painful symptoms. This package of treatments has shown amazing results, not only immediately, but long-term as well.

Call us and ask about the advanced treatments for neuropathy we have to offer, and see if you could be a candidate to reclaim a life without nerve pain. Call (281) 497-2850 to reach our Houston, TX office today!

Dr. Robert Parker
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Dr. Parker is a podiatrist and surgeon in Houston, TX who has been helping patients for more than 40 years.