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Houston residents have some great concerts to choose from in early December. The Christmas Celebration at MFAH on December 5 features countertenor Ray Chenez and Mercury for some Vivaldi and familiar carols. On the 7th, you can hear the ROCO Brass Quintet at Bayou Bend. Great music and an excuse to dress up in your party clothes and shoes means a win-win situation—unless you have a toenail fungus and want to just hide your toes away.

Fortunately, there’s a high tech answer waiting for you at Parker Foot & Ankle: our advanced, FDA-cleared Fotona laser treatment for fungal nails. After years of having only topical or oral medication options for treating this difficult and stubborn infection, we have been amazed at the success we’ve had with laser therapy.80 to 85% of our patients have been able to clear up their discolored, thick, crumbly nails and grow new healthy ones, without harmful side effects from the therapy. The intense light beams are precisely focused to destroy only the fungus, not the surrounding tissue, and there is no anesthetic needed because the treatments are virtually painless, other than a warming sensation at the spot of treatment.

We helped pioneer this form of fungal nail treatment in the Houston area several years ago and have been more and more impressed with it as newer lasers are developed. For particularly stubborn cases, we may need to combine laser with short periods of oral antifungals for the best results, but we feel we finally have a good answer for fungal nail infections.

Your insurance may not cover the treatments—or the oral medications either—as it is considered a cosmetic problem. However, when you weigh the cost of two treatments that have a good chance of succeeding, against months of other medications that may not work and come with possible side effects, we think you will agree that laser therapy is a good investment. Call Parker Foot & Ankle in Houston at (281) 497-2850 to set up your first appointment and let us start you on the road to beautiful toenails once again.

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