Who’s At Risk For Achilles Tendinitis?

Who’s At Risk

For Achilles


The Houston Parks and Recreation Department offers an array of sporting opportunities for individuals who want to either showcase their athletic abilities or simply have a good time with friends. No matter if you are gunning for first place in the league or simply looking forward to post-game activities, when you participate in sports, it is important to take measures to prevent Achilles tendinitis.

There is a simple reason that the individuals who participate in the athletic competitions offered by the Houston Park and Rec Department need to stay vigilant – middle-aged men have the greatest amount of risk for Achilles tendinitis out of any demographic. This is especially the case for those who are only active on a limited basis. Driving this increased risk is the fact that many “weekend warriors” push themselves too hard without properly warming up or having the right level of physical conditioning to do so.

Middle-aged males are not the only group that are more prone to developing this condition, though. Individuals who have abnormal pronation styles, are new to running, or train in cold weather are also more likely to injure their Achilles tendon than others. Non-athletic factors that increase the risk include diabetes, high blood pressure, and even certain medications.

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