What To Do If Your Foot Is Numb While Running

What To Do

If Your Foot

Is Numb

While Running

The holiday season—and all the gifts, feasts, and parties—will be in the rearview mirror before you know it, and then it’s time to focus on New Year’s resolutions. One that is so commonplace that it’s almost cliché is to “start working out and get in better shape.” This is actually a great idea any time of the year, but since it may be part of your resolutions come January 1, we want to make sure you will do so safely and are aware of issues that could come up during physical activity. One such situation could be that your foot is numb while running.

The sensation of foot numbness is not the most common ailment for someone to have, but it is extremely worrisome when it happens. We can alleviate a major fear by saying that this is not likely a mechanical issue that will limit your activity. You will still be able to run, and you can experiment with a few different techniques to try to resolve it on your own. First, evaluate your running shoes to see if your shoe is wide enough. Keep in mind that your foot actually flattens, thus becoming wider, when it strikes the ground, so you may need wider support. Then, you can also try placing a cushioning pad under your forefoot to protect the nerves in that area from stress.

If the issue is not resolved by extra cushioning and proper spacing in your shoes, then you should come in and see us at Parker Foot & Ankle in Houston, TX. Your condition is likely caused by a nerve compression and we will evaluate the situation to create treatment options for you. When your foot is numb while running, call us at (281) 497-2850 when you get back from your run and set up an appointment with Dr. Robert Parker.

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