What Podiatrists Do All Day


Podiatrists Do

All Day

Unless your dad or mom is a foot doctor and took you to the office for “Bring Your Child to Work Day,” you might not have a clue what podiatrists do all day. Even if you have had treatment for a foot problem in the past, that only gives you a small picture of the kind of activities that fill our day. We thought you might be interested to know that during a typical workday:

  • We listen. You’re the only one who can describe your symptoms and feelings, so your words are tools we use to determine what is happening in your feet or ankles. Also, we just like to get to know people like you!
  • We examine – and maybe poke and prod a little. Some problems are visible, like bunions or warts. Others are inside, and we may need to feel areas of your foot to see how bones, tendons and ligaments are positioned.
  • We order tests. Sometimes the only way to “see” inside is to order an X-ray, CT scan, or MRI to show us the condition of your bones or soft tissues. Sometimes simple lab tests are done to rule out or confirm conditions like fungal infections, gout, or circulation problems. A gait analysis is another tool used to diagnose many foot issues.
  • We ponder and use our experience—and sometimes our intuition. Diagnosis is often clear cut, but there are also times when the problem is a bit of a mystery to be solved. The same thing applies to choosing the best treatment. That’s why practicing medicine is mostly science, but partly an art form.
  • We treat your feet and ankles. We buddy tape broken toes, use laser on fungal nails, clean out and dress wounds, design custom orthotics, remove warts, set broken bones and put on casts and braces, among many other things.
  • We discuss things with you. From exercises or stretches to prevent injuries, to a diet plan for gout, to recommendations for surgery, we will talk things over with you so you understand why and how each is done.

Now you understand a bit more about the fascinating and varied field of podiatric medicine. If you ever require care for your extremities, Parker Foot & Ankle stands ready to help. Just call our Houston office at (281) 497-2850 or request an appointment using our online form.

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