What Causes Burning And Tingling In My Feet?

What Causes

Burning And

Tingling In

My Feet?

Actress Halle Berry was 22 years old when she was diagnosed with diabetes. She’s proof that even seemingly healthy young people can get this complicated disease. More and more children in the US are at risk for developing diabetes because of obesity and lack of exercise. Unfortunately, these children will also be at risk of developing a frequent complication of diabetes – burning, tingling feet.

People with diabetes often develop peripheral neuropathy because of blood sugar levels that aren’t properly controlled. This damage to the nerve fibers has them sending pain signals to the brain even when there is no reason – like the sensation of burning feet even when they are not exposed to heat. You may feel sharp pricks of pain that make your feet twitch, and at the same time notice a dull, numb, or tingly feeling. It is very uncomfortable and can impede your normal activities.

We don’t want to think of so many of our children developing this problem! That’s why it is so important to teach good eating and exercise habits to them while they are young. The best way to do that is modeling it in our own lives. The added benefit of wise food and activity choices for ourselves is that they will reduce our own risk of developing diabetes as well.

Treatment for neuropathy is focused on preventing further damage to the nerves. For diabetic patients, strict glucose control and use of medications or insulin are crucial to maintaining healthy feet. Burning feet caused by less common problems like vitamin deficiency, alcoholism, hypothyroidism, or kidney disease will need other specific treatments.

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