Using Laser Therapy For Foot And Ankle Pain

Using Laser

Therapy For

Foot And

Ankle Pain

At Parker Foot & Ankle we like to use a Star Wars analogy when talking about our treatment capability, because we feel laser therapy has impressive benefits for treating foot and ankle issues. Not only can we use powerful lasers like a lightsaber to zap your fungal toenails, we can also use lower level light beams to relieve pain from swelling and inflammation by increasing your body’s healing capacity.

One of the new applications of laser treatments is for pain from nerve damage in your feet. Neuropathy is a common complication of diabetes and uncontrolled sugar levels in your blood that causes tingling, numbness, and shooting pains in your lower extremities. Our “Star Wars” therapy helps relieve pain, but it also helps heal damaged nerves and restore functionality by increasing the mitochondria activity that helps build and repair cells in the nerve tissue.

This cellular healing also helps us relieve the pain and improve the condition of diabetic wounds. As the tissue is stimulated by prescribed wave lengths of light, it repairs itself more quickly and the ulcer begins to heal and close.

A very common condition called plantar fasciitis also benefits from the use of laser therapy. Damage occurring in the band of ligaments under your foot called the plantar fascia can cause extreme heel pain after inactivity or rest, as well as fraying, swelling, and inflammation of the fibers in the tissue. Low laser light therapy (LLLT) is focused directly on the damage, stimulating cell regeneration and healing and thereby relieving pain.

Only time and further study will tell how many more foot conditions will benefit from LLLT. We resolve to stay on the cutting edge of this technology so we can help our patients find relief from painful foot problems without surgery, anesthetics, or side effects from medications. If you want to talk with us to see whether this revolutionary therapy might help solve your foot issues, call Parker Foot & Ankle in Houston, TX at (281) 497-2850 to set up an appointment, or request one online. Let the power of lasers help you find relief!

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