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These days, more and more people are looking to natural remedies for illnesses and painful problems. They are looking for healthy, natural options that can address their problems, leaving the powerful medications for other serious health concerns. No one wants to be told they must take a medication for the rest of their life just to feel normal.

Natural nerve pain relief helps you manage your chronic nerve issues at home. It uses natural alternatives to try to address the problem and stimulate the body to relieve its own pain. Nerve pain can have many different sources, from pinched or compressed nervous tissue to various diseases creating damage. Here are just a few natural methods that you can try to alleviate your discomfort:

  • Modify Your Diet – Excess sugar and high fructose corn syrup impair your nervous system’s ability to work properly, not only leading to numbness and pain but other health issues as well.
  • Exercise – Not only does exercise increase circulation, which can help, it also releases endorphins, which reduce pain. Even just walking regularly is beneficial.
  • Wear the Right Shoes – Poorly-fitted shoes could pinch your feet and contribute to damage like neuromas.
  • Soak Your Feet – A warm foot bath can increase blood flow and ease stress, both of which help to reduce symptoms.
  • Try Topical Rubs – Applying warm capsaicin cream and natural oils, like geranium and lavender, can help alleviate nerve discomfort over time.
  • Get a Massage – Massaging the feet increases blood flow and relaxes you, which can help discomfort.
  • Skip Alcohol – Alcohol deadens your nerves, so if you have nerve pain, cut it from your diet completely, or at least strictly limit consumption.
  • Keep Up Your Vitamins – Many vitamins, especially B-12, have a direct effect on nerve health. If they get too low, you lose some nerve function. Eat healthy foods packed with good vitamins.

A great explanation for how modern American lifestyles contribute to nerve damage, diabetes, and other health issues—as well as great advice for how natural strategies can help you overcome these issues—can be found in the book Sugar Crush by Dr. Richard Jacoby, a long-time friend and colleague of Dr. Parker

Chronic nerve pain is tough to manage, but the sooner you deal with it and the more careful you are with it at home, the more likely it can be controlled. Our team at Parker Foot & Ankle can help you find natural treatments that work for you. Don’t be afraid if you need medication to help your feet, either. Just make an appointment with our Houston office by calling (281) 497-2850. You can also use the online request form to contact us.

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