Treating Kohler’s Disease To Lose The Limp


Kohler’s Disease

To Lose

The Limp

Zoos are great for kids. Not only can they enjoy walking around to see the lions and tigers and bears—along with all the other animals—the Houston Zoo has a whole children’s area with a playground and a petting zoo. This is a great place to spend an afternoon; however, if your child is walking, you need to pay attention to his or her gait. Sometimes problems like limping are due to rare issues, like Kohler’s disease. Treating this condition is simple and important for your child’s foot comfort.

Kohler’s disease is a rare bone problem that typically occurs in children between the ages of three and five. The foot’s navicular tarsal bone loses blood flow and becomes inflamed, breaks into pieces, and then heals back together. The arch of the foot is tender and swollen as a result, and your child will most likely limp, particularly after spending time being active.

Children do grow out of the problem, though symptoms may last anywhere from a few months to a couple of years. You don’t have to just watch as your son or daughter walks in pain, though. Treating Kohler’s disease can be very successful for relieving the discomfort and eliminating a limp.

Make sure your son or daughter always wears cushioned, supportive shoes. Soft arch or heel inserts help raise the middle of the foot and reduce the pressure on the tarsals. Icing the area when it’s painful can help reduce the inflammation and the swelling. Our staff at Parker Foot & Ankle may recommend child-safe anti-inflammatory pain medications as well. If the discomfort is severe and persistent, your child may benefit from wearing a walking cast to immobilize the midfoot and relieve some of the pressure on the bones.

Treating Kohler’s disease can help your child maintain mobility and stay active while the bone heals. You don’t have to wait out the pain. Let the Parker Foot & Ankle team help your child’s feet. Just call (281) 497-2850, or use the online contact page to reach our Houston, TX office for an appointment.

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