Top 4 Morton’s Neuroma Home Remedies

Top 4 Morton’s

Neuroma Home


Tis the season for family, friends, and holiday shopping. Everyone knows that Black Friday comes right after Thanksgiving. Stores everywhere put the majority of their inventory on sale, and people turn out in droves to take advantage of the deals. This, however, can mean hours and hours of standing around in lines. If you have a Morton’s neuroma, that much standing can be painful for your feet. This year, try some simple home remedies to minimize your neuroma pain.

A Morton’s neuroma is a swollen, thickened nerve in the ball of the foot between two toes—usually the third and fourth. Pressure aggravates it and makes normal standing and walking very uncomfortable. Taking steps to reduce the pressure on the nerve and lower the irritation in the tissue is key to alleviating the pain. Fortunately, you can help do that at home. Try a few of these easy home treatments:

  • Change Shoes – Make sure you use footwear with a low heel, sufficient arch support, and a cushioned sole. This helps reduce the pressure on the damaged nerve.

  • Massage with Ice – Rub the ball of your foot with an ice pack to decrease inflammation and alleviate some pain.

  • Add Padding – Use an over-the-counter metatarsal pad to add an extra layer of protection underneath the painful area.

  • Stay Off Your Feet When You Can – Whenever you get the chance, sit down and rest your feet so they can recover from the strain of standing and walking.

You don’t have to let nerve damage from Morton’s neuroma keep you sitting down, especially during the holiday season. Let Parker Foot & Ankle help you manage the discomfort instead. Call our Houston office at (281) 497-2850 or use the online request form to make an appointment with us.

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