Tips To Stay Toenail Fungus Free

Tips To Stay


Fungus Free

Nothing ruins the look of new summer sandals more than toenail fungus! After all, baring your toes to the world can be embarrassing if nails are thick, yellow, and crumbly, or even worse – emit a smell! Polish might hide the problem, but it certainly doesn’t stop it from getting worse or from spreading, so take these precautions to stay toenail fungus free in the first place:

  • Keep feet clean and dry
  • Apply anti-fungal spray or powder to feet as well as those sandals of yours
  • Never walk barefoot in public places that provide a warm, damp environment, like locker rooms and gym showers
  • Change sweaty shoes and socks often
  • Don’t share pedicure tools, towels, or footwear with others
  • Make sure nail salons are sanitary before you go for a pedicure

If, despite your best efforts, toenail fungus does find you, don’t panic! Our fungal nail laser treatment can zap fungus fast! Here’s how: a concentrated beam of light painlessly penetrates the damaged nail and eliminates the fungus beneath it, destroying the fungal infection at its source. Though several sessions may be required, it is the fastest way to being toenail fungus free! There are no side effects, nor is any downtime required – you can go right back to your summer activities! A new, clear, and healthy toenail will grow back, and before you know it, you’ll be able to wear your summer sandals with confidence!

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