Tips To Keep Your Big Toe Joint Where It Belongs

Tips To Keep

Your Big Toe

Joint Where

It Belongs

If you’ve ever enjoyed horseback riding at Cypress Trails Equestrian Center just north of town, you know that pulling on the reins and saying, “Whoa” is typically all you need to get your horse to stop. If only you could stop progression of bunions so easily!

Bunions get worse over time, forcing your big toe joint further and further out of alignment and eventually making it difficult to wear shoes or even walk without pain. Although you can’t command the condition to stop, you can pull back on the reins a bit to slow progression and keep your big toe joint where it belongs.

Unlike horses, whose special shoes are attached to their feet, our shoes can be removed, and if yours are narrow and pointy, they certainly should be given the heave-ho! Bunion sufferers need to look for certain features in footwear, including a wide and deep toe box as opposed to a narrow style. Look for a low heel too, and materials that are flexible enough to accommodate your big toe joint should it jut outward.

Slipping some custom orthotics inside your shoes can also be beneficial. These devices help correct foot structure that could be exasperating your problem, plus they direct pressure away from the area.

Lastly, try taping your big toe to its neighbor or wearing a bunion splint which can help keep your toe in proper position so your joint stays that way, too.

It’s important to note that if you’ve had , these rules continue to apply if you want to keep bunions from coming back!

So, say nay to bunion pain! (See what we did there?) Call us for more tips or to make an appointment at our Houston, TX office by dialing (281) 497-2850.

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