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The Feet That

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Approaching the anniversary of 9/11 evokes an array of emotions. One of the most prominent is gratefulness to the firefighters and other first responders that gave of themselves. We will never forget the sacrifices of both life and future health that were made that horrific day.

Each fire that is fought requires devotion and a keen alertness to the dangers at hand. Injuries do occur, but every precaution is taken to ensure each person’s safe return. Proper equipment is one of the best defenses, and proper boots are vital. In fact, a report disseminated by the National Fire Protection Association, it was noted that from 2005-2009 21% of injuries (classified as fire ground injuries) involved the legs or feet. 

The protection of the feet falls directly on a firefighter’s boots. Investing in proper gear that fits well can mean the difference between being sure-footed or falling during a call. Not only do the boots need to be constructed well, but also the fit is key. Fighting a fire requires immense focus, and there’s no time to think about foot and ankle pain. Hours can be spent standing at the scene, so comfort is a priority.

Common foot conditions such as ingrown toenails can lead to misery, so proper foot care is important as well. Cutting the nails straight across is one way to reduce the risk. Wearing boots for hours on end creates the ideal conditions for fungal infections such as athlete’s foot and fungal toenails. The feet should be washed and dried thoroughly as soon as possible. Dry socks and a period of time to air out the boots will also help to avoid these concerns. Symptoms that go unchecked can become serious, so expert podiatric care is an invaluable part of foot health for a firefighter and for you!

Take time today to thank a first responder for serving the community. Dr. Robert Parker is proud to care for his Houston, TX neighbors by providing excellence in foot care. Call (281) 497-2850 to schedule an appointment or request one online.   

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