Taking The Leap Toward Bunion Surgery

Taking The Leap

Toward Bunion


A…My Name Is Alice is playing at the Texas Repertory Theatre this weekend. The revue is a fun and funny look at what it means to be female, and features wonderful local talent, says the artistic director Steven Fenley. Unfortunately, when you haul out your stilettos to dress up for the evening, you may have a little drama of your own called “B…My Name is Bunion Pain!” Maybe it’s time to think seriously about bunion surgery to straighten the deformity and eliminate your discomfort.

What should you consider before taking the leap toward surgical correction of that bony bump on your foot? Here are some basic questions to help you decide:

  • Do you just want to get rid of that unattractive protrusion so you can keep wearing stylish shoes? That’s not a good reason to undergo surgery, and the bunion may well return if you keep wearing the wrong footwear afterwards.
  • Do you have the time available for recovery? Plan on at least one week of non-weight-bearing, about six weeks for initial healing, and up to several months before you can fully resume all your activities again.
  • Are you prepared for certain risks? Besides the basic risks of any surgery (reaction to anesthesia, bleeding or clots, infection), your toe may be stiffer and less flexible afterwards.
  • Is your surgeon experienced in correcting bunions? There are over a hundred different types of procedures, and you want to make sure the person who is performing your surgery has regular experience with many of them with good results.

The answer to the last question is “Yes!” if you consult Parker Foot & Ankle for your bunion surgery. We have done many of these procedures over the years, and we know that the ability to wear shoes, walk around normally, and do activities without pain has been a huge relief to our patients. Why not contact our office in Houston, TX today and set up an appointment to discuss the procedure? You can call us at (281) 497-2850, or use our online form to schedule a time to come in. We look forward to helping you take the leap and put your bunion pain behind you!

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