Take The Pain Out Of Working And Your Feet

Take The Pain

Out Of Working

And Your Feet

The impending holidays are a busy time for retailers and restaurants. People are out and about, getting decorations, food, and everything else ready for Thanksgiving and beyond. This means people who work in these industries are kept busy, too, leading to many long hours standing and walking around. Eventually, this takes a real toll on the lower limbs. Working and your feet are tied together. While spending hours on end standing at your job can be uncomfortable, you can do things to protect yourself.

The best ways to protect your feet somewhat vary from job to job. If your work requires standing mostly in one place, you can use padded mats to help soften the floor. Standing on hard ground strains your foot structures. Adding an extra layer of cushioning between your feet and the floor can help a lot. You will still need to wear padded, supportive footwear to help manage the pressure on your lower limbs. Custom orthotics can supplement any support needs you may have.

Mats aren’t as much help if you spend your job walking around. Instead, invest in a great pair of padded shoes. Choose styles with cushioned soles and sufficient arch support. Consider an insert to add an extra layer of cushioning if the shoes themselves are not enough. Custom orthotics are best if you have preexisting biomechanical concerns, like flat feet. Stretch your lower limbs regularly, too. This both relaxes and conditions the muscles in your feet and ankles.

Sore work feet also benefit from home pampering. Take care of your lower limbs before and after your shift. Stretch regularly to keep muscles relaxed. Icing uncomfortable, swollen feet after a day on the job helps quickly decrease edema and any inflammation in your foot structures. Massage your soles with a tennis ball or frozen water bottle to stretch out the muscles and tendons there. Prop your feet up when you can, too. This also discourages swelling.

Working and your feet don’t have to be partners in pain. You can take steps to alleviate the pressure on your lower limbs and work comfortably. Let our team at Parker Foot & Ankle in Houston know if you struggle with persistently sore work feet. See how we can help. Call (281) 497-2850 or use the website to make an appointment with our Houston office.

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