Discovering How and Why to Care for Your Feet

We feel that it is our duty to not only help our patient’s feet look and feel their best, but also to educate our patients on how to properly care for their feet on their own. Come see how our knowledge can help teach you how to avoid potentially harmful foot problems and disorders.

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  • Don't Let Foot Pain Derail Your Big Race Dr. Parker offers three big tips for preventing a training-related injury—and also advanced regenerative therapies to help those who do get hurt recover rapidly.
  • Enhancing Sports Injury Treatment Sports and other physical activities play an important role in your physical health and wellbeing. Unfortunately, a body in motion is at risk for injury – including common sports foot and ankle injuries like sprains. Dr. Parker discusses the most common of the sprains, and how he treats them (and other sports injuries) using regenerative medicine biologics such as growth factors , platelet rich plasma (PRP), amniotic stem cell therapy, magnets, and lasers.
  • Rejuvenate and Refresh Your Feet (Pt. 2) Previously, Dr. Parker discussed how laser therapy rejuvenates your feet after injury. In this blog post, he explores ways you can rejuvenate and refresh your feet after a long day at work or intense exercise session.
  • How to Start Running Running is great for body and mind, but it can be difficult to start—and stick to it. Read on for 7 practical suggestions for beginners.
  • Reduce Bunion Pain While Running Bunion pain can be bothersome while running. Dr. Robert Parker explains how you can reduce your pain and run without worry.
  • The Best Game Plan to Avoid Overuse Injuries Podiatrist, Dr. Robert Parker of Houston, TX, explains what you can do to prevent overuse injuries from happening to you.
  • Reach the Finish Line A runner received Dr. Robert Parker’s help to relieve his shin splints in time for the Boston Marathon. See how we got him to the finish line!
  • How to Treat Peroneal Tendinitis Ankle Pain Certain home care methods can do a lot to relieve your tendon pain, but Dr. Robert Parker also explains other medical treatments that help.
  • America’s Pastime and Foot Injuries If you or your child enjoys playing baseball, learn about common injuries that can occur and how you might avoid them from Dr. Robert Parker.
  • Track and Field Injuries in Feet and Ankles As with any sport, participating in track and field events puts you at some risk for injury. Dr. Robert Parker explains a few of the common ones.