Shopping Tips For The Best Fit

Shopping Tips

For The

Best Fit

Summers can get hot here in Houston, and sometimes it can be enjoyable to spend a day inside at one of our free museums. The Rothko Chapel or the Art Car Museum can offer hours of endless enjoyment. Here are some tips for the best fit in your shoes, because if you don’t have properly-fitted footwear, your aching feet might not find the experience so enjoyable.

When shopping for shoes here are some things to keep in mind:

  • The Size of Your Feet—just because you are a size 8 in one shoe doesn’t mean that you will always be that size. If the size you are used to feels uncomfortable, try a different one. Also, have your feet measured every time you shop because your feet can change over time.

  • The Shape of Your Foot—if you have wide feet, stay away from shoes that are narrow and vice versa.

  • Whether or Not You Will be Using Custom-Made Orthotics—these can throw off the size you need. Make sure that your new shoes can accommodate an orthotic device.

  • The Activity for Which the Shoes Will be Used—running shoes will be different from work shoes. You might also wear different shoes at different times of the year, and since weather can affect the size and shape of your feet, you should take that into consideration.

  • The Comfort Level of Your Shoes—try them out in the store. If they aren’t comfortable there, don’t assume that you can “break them in” later.

Our shoes are an expression of ourselves, but we shouldn’t sacrifice comfort and safety for fashion. You can have it all. Call Dr. Robert Parker at (281) 497-2850 to schedule an appointment. At Parker Foot and Ankle in Houston TX we can help fit your shoes and choose pairs that work best for your feet.

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