Reduce Bunion Pain While Running

Reduce Bunion

Pain While


If you’re planning on running the Lake Houston 5K coming up, and hoping the picturesque course will take your mind off your bunion pain, you should know that there are things you can do (other than distract yourself!) to reduce bunion pain while running.

First off, take a look at your shoes. You shouldn’t feel any pressure against your bunion — that’s a sign that shoes are fitting too tightly. Make sure you pick a pair that has a wide and deep toe box with enough room for toes to lie flat and wiggle. You can try lacing your running shoes a little looser in the front to take pressure off the toe area as well.

Use a splint, spacer, or tape to hold your toe in proper position, and place a pad over your bunion to protect it against friction from your shoe.

Invest in custom orthotics that can correct structural issues aggravating your bunion, as well as direct pressure away from the bony protrusion.

Use ice and anti-inflammatory medication to minimize swelling and pain.

Do bunion stretches, like pulling your big toe away from the others and holding for a count of ten.

Running with a bunion doesn’t have to be painful. You can enjoy the beauty of Lake Houston as you cover the 5K course without thinking twice about that bony bump on your big toe. Just follow these tips to keep bunion pain at bay, then all you’ll have to worry about is getting to the finish line!

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