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A recurrent neuroma is also called a “stump” or “end bulb” neuroma, and it occurs as the result of a nerve that has been cut. Injuries, amputation, and removal of a neuroma can cause a nerve to be severed. However, the nerve will eventually begin to regrow, and look for a place to attach itself. The result is a bulb that forms on the end of the nerve. Because the new part of the nerve is not organized, extreme pain can result. However, there are many cases where the patient does not have any discomfort.

In patients that do have pain, the area around the nerve may be extremely sensitive to light touch. Due to the disorganization of the nerve, pain signals may be sent even if the area is not touched at all. The sensitivity that is present with this foot condition can make daily activities like putting on your shoes and socks very uncomfortable. 

How is a recurrent neuroma treated? With years of expertise, Dr. Parker understands the difficulty that this painful condition brings to your everyday life. During a surgical procedure, the doctor will enter through the bottom of the foot, and reposition the nerve. By implanting it into the muscle, a “cozy little home” is created to house the nerve. Once the nerve is embedded into the nearby muscle, it will not attempt regrowth. The result is relief from pain. 

After surgery, it is important to follow post-operation directions to ensure proper healing and decrease the likelihood of recurrence.  For the first week or two after surgery, there should be no weight-bearing on the foot. The next step will be to wear a walking boot that will provide extra protection for another few weeks. After that, most people are able to wear their normal footwear. Orthotics are often recommended to reduce pressure on the ball of the foot.

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